Proposed Minimum Wage Increase: Action Needed

Arguably the most pressing issue facing Maryland businesses this session is the pending “Fight for Fifteen” minimum wage legislation. House Bill 166 (cross filed with Senate Bill 280) was introduced on January 23 with a hearing before the House Economic Matters Committee scheduled for 12:30pm this Friday, February 8. HB166 is looking to raise the minimum wage to $11 per hour this year and add $1 each year until reaching $15 in 2023. Beginning in 2024, the minimum wage will increase based on the Consumer Price Index each year thereafter. The bill also eliminates the tip credit starting in 2027 meaning that tipped employees will earn the $15 an hour like other employees and it also eliminates the lower six-month training wage currently allowed among other things. Your Allegany County Chamber will join many others to oppose this government mandate as it has in the past but it is going to be a tough fight. Now is the time to make your voices heard to whatever extent you feel comfortable including testifying in Annapolis. Below is information and links to help you do that, whether you would like to submit written testimony to legislators or testify in person.

Western Maryland Minimum Wage Study Results

Maryland Chamber Minimum Wage Opposition Kit

Maryland General Assembly Website

HB166 – Labor and Employment – Payment of Wages – Minimum Wage and Enforcement

House Economic Matters Committee Members

House Economic Matters Committee Witness Guidelines

Hearing – 12:30pm, Friday, February 8

SB280 – Labor and Employment – Payment of Wages – Minimum Wage and Enforcement

Senate Finance Committee Members

Senate Finance Committee Witness Guidelines

Hearing – 1:00pm, Thursday, February 21

Please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber office with questions or concerns.