Chamber After Hours – Network and Win!!

Network and Win!

New Customers – New Friends – New Business Associates

And Now… Even Win Cash!!!

At each “Chamber After Hours”, the Chamber will draw the name of one member company for a cash prize. All employees of that company who are present and pre-registered will split the prize money! The cash prize will start at $500 and increase $250 every month until there is a winner, at which time the amount will be re-set to $500. Visit the Events Calendar for the date and location of the next Chamber After Hours!


• $5.00 admission fee for each member and/or guest to attend Chamber After Hours

• The Chamber puts up initial $500 at beginning

• To be eligible, each member must be pre-registered by 5:00pm the Thursday before the After Hours by calling or emailing the Chamber office

• Every Chamber member business/organization that has their annual dues paid in full (or quarterly payers paid through the current quarter) are eligible to be in the drawing

• New Chamber members are eligible for the drawing at the After Hours immediately following Board approval of their membership

• When pre-registering, each member must clearly state which business/organization they are representing

• Members may represent only one business/organization per event if they are an employee, officer or director of that business/organization and must state so when registering

• At the end of the After Hours, after the host business has given out their door prizes, one member business/organization name will be drawn from those with their dues current

• Pre-registered employees, officers or directors representing that business/organization who are present at the time of the drawing win the money for that month

• If more than one pre-registered member is in attendance, the prize will be split between those present

• If there is no one present from that business/organization that was pre-registered, $250 will be added to the next month’s drawing

• The prize will continue to grow each month until a winner is drawn

This is designed to draw more businesses to each After Hours to increase networking between businesses. It is not intended to be a source of revenue for the Chamber but to increase the value of networking to help businesses grow their business by meeting other businesses that can benefit from their products or services.

FAQS: What if I don’t have $5.00 on me when I arrive? This is why we ask you to pre-register so that you will know that it is $5.00 for admission. We cannot take a credit card at the door.

Does this violate gaming laws? The $5.00 is for admittance to the event, not for a game of chance.

Does the hosting business get a portion of the winnings? No, only the company whose name is drawn and their pre-registered employees will win the prize.

What if my company wins but one of us forgot to pre-register? That person will not be eligible to win so make sure you pre-register before attending! You must have a pre-printed name tag to get the money.

Won’t this take away from the host company showcasing their business? No, the drawing will be after the host company has the opportunity to highlight their business near the end of the evening.

What if I am on the Chamber Board of Directors or on a Committee? You are still eligible to win because you will be representing your company and not the Chamber.

How will I report my winnings for tax purposes? If you win more than $750.00, you will need to complete a 1099 form.

Does the company or the individual win the money? We will give the money to the pre-registered participants. If your company has a policy against you winning a door prize, please let us know so we can withdraw your company name from the list.